September 4, 2013 - AGBU SOFIA SUMMER CAMP HAYLER 2013 has ended successfully
6:07, 04-09-2013

AGBU Sofia Summer Camp HayLer 2013, with Director Mrs, Hermine Duzyan (Youth Armenian and Diaspora Programs Coordinator) has ended successfully! All the Children from Plovdiv, Sofia and Ruse enjoyed their stay at Orlova Skala Resrto Complex. They assimilated everything: their Armenian Language education, poems and songs. They participated in numerous entertaining and interesting games, they showed their qualities and abilities in the sports Olympics day. They took part in a fashion day in which they had prepared their clothes with a lot of effort and enthusiasm. With this they surprised all of the spectators present at the show.

The discipline in the camp was the stimulus for the camp participants' good mood. The merry dinners with karaoke, theater and dances proved that we would meet again the next year at

AGBU Sofia HayLer 2014 !!!!

Sincere thanks to Mrs. Hermine Duzyan /Camp's Director/, to Lusiya /AGBu Sofia Secretary/, to Azalia, Stephan and Hristo /Team Leaders/, to Armine, Anush, Nina /Teachers/, to Nina Andryan /Camp Doctor/ for all their love and care to children.

Thanks to all the parents, which brought to us their most precious - their children. Thanks to pur sponsors: Mr. Magurdich Halvadjiyan /Global Films Ltd./, Mr. Agi Kiuregyan /Agi-1 Ltd./, Mr. Tateos Bedrossian /Softrade Ltd./, the actor Tigran Torossyan, the artist Onnik Karanfilyan and Maestro Bedros Papazyan /“AGBU Sofia Chamber Orchestra” Director/.

All the camp photos you could preview at:

See you again, dear friends !!!!

Sonia Avakian - Bedrossian

AGBU Sofia /Chairperson/

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