February 23, 2014 - A festive afternoon at the AGBU Sofia office with children of AGBU Sunday HayLer School
9:52, 23-02-2014

Every Sunday afternoon the office of “Parekordzagan"/AGBU- Sofia is full of children's laughter and noise. About 20 children gather here, to learn Armenian, with the most modern methods of AVC college. They  learn the Armenian alphabet, to read and write in their native language, and to communicate. Here they have the opportunity  to multiply their knowledge, and also to develop unsuspected talents-performing arts in theater classes.
On the 23rd of February, the ordinary afternoon at the AGBU-Sofia office was different and special for two reasons. His Reverence - Archimandrite Abgar Ovakimyan, was invited to bless the office of AGBU Sofia, the children of Hayler Sunday School . Children welcomed him  with their joyous shouts " Asdvadz oknagan , Hayr Surp ", showed their love and respect  to Archimadrite. Under the guidance of their teachers children had prepared a program, they sang and recited in Armenian. All attending guests enjoyed the program prepared for them by the teachers and children. The same day, 8 -year-old Lucy Doydoyan had a birthday and it became a double celebration.
The main purpose of all this is the  overwhelming wish of the AGBU Sofia, chairperson, Mrs. Sonia Avakian - Bedrossian, who together with the teachers-Nina Andryan, Anush Kirakosyan , Armine Manukyan , aim to help Armenian spirit to grow strong among the youngs. The three teachers are responsible for the Armenian language lessons with AVC method. Famous actor Tigran Torossian /Theatre of the People's  Army/ teaches  acting classes to little Armenians of HayLer.
"AVC college" is a virtual training program of Armenian language, ​​specially made by Benevolent Union "Parekordzagan", with which children are studying here. Thanks to the individual computers for each of the students which will be provided soon, the hours pass beneficially. "We try to teach material in a way that it will be interesting for every single child, given their age difference. It's hard but worth it "- kindly explains one of the teachers. We understand that classes of Armenian are visited by children, who do not even speak or have difficulties speaking Armenian. But thanks to the used methodology, the enormous patience and willingness of teachers, we have positive results. The group has children, from families who came to Bulgaria from Armenia during last twenty years, and families of local Armenians, but the harmony organized by AGBU "Parekordzagan " Sofia under the roof of Sunday school is complete.
The desire of everyone here - managers, teachers, parents is to be useful with their capacity to as many children as it is possible, to cultivate a generation with healthy spirit who will continue evolving and expand  Armenian Diaspora in Bulgaria .
Text - Anahid Ajderian
Translation in English - Shaghig Matevosian /AGBU Sofia/
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