May 31, 2015 - AGBU Sofia made a memorable day for the children from Hayler Sofia
6:31, 31-05-2015

On May 31, 2015 AGBU Sofia gave a present – a memorable day for the children from Hayler Sofia. On the occasion the end of the school sessions and the upcoming children’s day /June 1/ and on proposal by Lusia Medzikian /Assistant at AGBU Sofia/, the small haylers enjoyed an unforgettable walk within the beautiful Vitosha mountain. With many smiles and in good mood, the children of Hayler Sofia and their teachers, together with students from Armenia, all succeeded in conquering Cherni Vruh Mount, that is 2290 metres high. Diplomas for successful completion of AGBU Armenian Virtual College for our children were officially given: for Monika, Erika, Karla, Armen, Gagik, Venera, Bagrat, Mariam, Artavazd, Ludmila, Lusine, David and Marat. See you in our next meeting, small ant big friends of Hayler Sofia. It would be August 20 till 30, 2015.

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