AGBU Sofia summer 2015 camp “HayLer”
3:24, 01-09-2015

AGBU Sofia summer 2015 camp “HayLer”

Dear friends, supporters of pure nature, happy childhood and mutual well-being! We share with you the camp blog with the magical moments we all experienced during the international summer camp "HayLer 2015" for children and adults from 7 to 17 years old, organized by Parekordzagan/AGBU - Sofia. It has finished, but it left wonderful memories in all of us. We are happy that through this camp we had the ability to discover the extraordinary talent and the discipline of all children who attended the camp, we managed to achieve amazing results. We are proud and happy of the fact that the main goals that we had set - namely to introduce kids into the Armenian culture, help them to create friendship with each other and give them unforgettable moments are achieved. Thank Sonia Hay, director of the camp "HayLer 2015", for the diligence and her dedication of the many interesting games, which she had prepared, for the special anthem HayLer she had composed and for the morning yoga exercises, accompanied by music and songs.
Our program combined exercises in dancing, singing and manual labor, afternoon fun and games, and our day used to always end with an evening fire and music. Due to wonderful teachers Armine Manukyan and Nina Andryan, our campers learned many Armenian dances and impressed all the guests with our final concert performances, including boys with their sense of rhythm and girls with tenderness and grace. In the art classes led by the talented and skillful Nina Karanfilian unique masks were made- each child draw a personal mask design. In the hours singing under the guidance of the wonderful Anush Kirakosyan children coped brilliantly. Thanks also to the tireless and caring animators Azalia Sargsyan and Suren Atanesyan, who were with children constantly and cared about them. During afternoons we were embraced by cheerful mood - treasure hunt, Racing, ropes course, a visit to the horse riding, artistic fashion show and hike in the woods. Evening camp fire under the sound of guitars and rhythms of dance music traditionally used to end with Sonia Hay’s meal of bread "Dobrinka" after that kids were telling about all the good things experienced during the day. At the initiative of the charming Medzikyan Lucia in June 2015 children along with Andrew L. Simeon, Antonia and Annie climbed Cherni Vreh (peak). HayLer children friends arrived in Nezabravka and with them staged an interesting hike in the woods.
Heart appreciation for the work of the organizers and leaders of teams of "Young Lions" "Dolphins" and "Eagles" and for the gift of a happy childhood.
Special thanks to talented Victoria Bedrossian, our guest from Romania who impressed everyone with her unique voice. The last day we welcomed special guest Mrs. Nelly Matevosian adviser to the Ambassador at the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Bulgaria and Mr. Arsen Michaelyan - Consul at the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in the Republic of Romania. They gathered for a wonderful final concert of the campers. Thanks to all the guests from Bulgaria and Romania who were with us during our stay.
Mrs. Sonia Avakian – Bedrossian, in turn greeted the campers for their part, leaders for their diligence and inviting you for your positive attitude. Ms. Nelly Matvosyan also congratulated the children for their excellent performance and expressed her gratitude to both the "AGBU" - Sofia Chapter for their efforts in the preservation of the Armenian culture and to the chairperson of the organization, Mrs. Sonia Avakian-Bedrossian for her position and dedicated work over the past 20 years. After the speeches, on behalf of AGBU - Sofia, Mrs. Bedrosian handed diplomas for successes, followed by a delicious dinner with Armenian barbeque prepared by chef Arthur Fidanyan.
The last camp evening ended with a delicious cake "HayLer" with joy around the fire, music and dancing that lasted until late hours.
How invaluable is to delight a child and how unique charming and grateful child’s smile is !
Until we meet again, dear friends!
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