November 22, 2015 - A visit of three young scientists from Sofia University was held in the office of AGBU in Sofia
7:07, 22-11-2015

On 22.11.2015 with the assistance of Lusia Medzikian, a member of AGBU Sofia, was held in the office of AGBU in Sofia a visit of three young scientist from the Sofia University - the geologists Nadya Yanakieva and Stefan Velev and the geochemist Denitsa Apostolova during the children Sunday school "HayLer". Two of them - Stefan and Denitsa - will take part in this year's expedition to Livingston island in Antartida, to perform scientific researches on site. The young scientists, representatives of the Association of the young polar researchers in Bulgaria (APECS Bulgaria), presented in a very interesting way in front of the children about Antarctica - how far it is, what is the local flora and fauna and what the Bulgarian researchers do exactly when they are there. They also told what is the Antarctica contract, why exactly December 1st has been chosen for an Antarctica World Day and why this is the only continent which does not have country borders and government – this is the continent of the young people and the future. For the occasion of the Antarctica World Day, December 1st, the young scientist invited the children to participate in an international initiative that takes place on this day. Every year thousands of children worldwide send their drawings and paintings of flags to the Ice continent with the expeditions of the countries that have bases there. This year all kids from HayLer took part and drew flags for Antarctica. With the expeditions of the Bulgarian polar scientists their drawings will travel for the exhibition which will be held in the Bulgarian base on Livingston island as a part of the international educational initiative of the Foundation for good management of the international territories – Our Spaces - , in cooperation with the Association of the young polar researchers in Bulgaria (APECS Bulgaria) and the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute (BAI). After the presentation there were served tasty treats; meanwhile the children with smiles on their faces asked a lot of questions to their new friends. The young scientists Nadya, Stefan and Denitsa thanked AGBU Sofia and Lusia Medzikian for the opportunity for this presentation. The meeting ended with lots of positive emotions, inspirations for far-away travels and wishes for new knowledge.

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