February 7, 2017 - FIRST MEETING OF THE NEW BOARD OF Parekordzagan/AGBU-Sofia
4:59, 07-02-2017


On February the 7th took place the first meeting of the recently nominated new board members of Parekordzagan/AGBU-Sofia and YP (Young Professionals).

The participants discussed very openly and constructively the new organization and responsibilities of the Board members as well as the future order of business.

A summary of the new global strategy of AGBU, discussed at the conference of the European Chapters in Bruxelles with focus on its four pillars was presented and clarified:


Language and Heritage: The Armenian diaspora will have the institutions needed to preserve existing heritage and promote new development. Such as the AVC.


Leadership and Influence: Development at the individual level to influence the European society through advocacy and direct representation. Such as the Karabakh Campaign.


Network Platform for Stewardship: Younger generations will enjoy the support of their peers and older generations, as role models and mentors. Such as Goriz 2.0

Prosperity for Armenia and Humanitarian aid: Programs to promote solidarity with Armenians in need of help and to promote socio-economic development in Armenia and Artsakh.


The meeting of the European chapters in Bruxelles was extremely fruitful and beneficial for the intensifying of the connections between Armenians and their involvement in the Global Diaspora. AGBU via its global network of Chapters creates opportunities for talented young professionals to get connected, to participate in international projects and contribute to the development of the Armenian identity and heritage.


The main target of Parekordzagan/AGBU-Sofia is to deploy the Global Strategy of AGBU.

Based on this, specific activities and areas of responsibility were assigned to board members:

Sonia Avakian-Bedrosian – Honorary Chairperson of the BoardС;

Arno Kuiumdjian – Chairman of the Board. Responsible for Institutional Relations;

Onnik Tarakchian – Board Member. Responsible for Treasury and Legal;

Rafi Shahugyan – Board Member. Responsible for the Communication Strategy and YP;

Bedros Papazyan – Boar Member. Responsible for AGBU Chamber Orchestra;

Gronika Kavafyan – Board Member. Responsible for the Cultural Events;

Velizar Agopyan – Board Member. Responsible for Projects;

Apraham Aslanyan – Board Member. Responsible for the Education and development of young Armenians.

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