May 24, 2017 - “Golden nib” 2017 Prize for the conductor Bedros Papazian
10:27, 24-05-2017

For 22nd consecutive year Classic FM, Cantus Firmus and “Makta” Art Galery bestowed the golden prizes for contribution to the Bulgarian culture and arts.

The event took place in the frame of the “European Music Festival”, part of the calendar of the 2017 Sofia Municipality cultural program and the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Bulgaria.

On an official ceremony on the day of the Slavonic (Cyrillic) Alphabet and the Bulgarian Culture, under the domes of the Largo in the neighborhood of the Building of the Council of Ministers, 24 Bulgarian Cultural Figures received the prestigious prizes. The prizes - brooch in the shape of a nib are made out of 24-karat gold.

Between the nominated cultural figures was our compatriot – the conductor of AGBU Sofia Chamber Orchestra, Bedros Papazian. 
“This Prize is also an acknowledgement for the Armenian Community in Bulgaria” – these were the words of Maestro Papazian when receiving the prize. These words were warmly and loudly applauded by the audience gathered around the ruins of the ancient city of Serdica. 
We wish Maestro Papazyan for many long years to work and contribute to the development of our culture and art and to preserving our identity.

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