October 8, 2017 - Opening of AGBU Sofia Sunday School "Hayler" for the 2017 – 2018 Academic Year
6:35, 08-10-2017

On 08.10.2017 AGBU Sofia Sunday School "Hayler" opened doors for classes for studying Armenian language and culture for the fourth consecutive year. The opening was held at Allianz - a language school for children and adults, where the Sunday activities of the little haylers will be held from now on.

The Chairman of AGBU Sofia "Parekordzagan" - Mr. Arno Kuyumdjian, welcomed the parents and the children and made an extended presentation about the future development of AGBU Sofia "Hayler".

The wonderful teachers Armine Manukyan, Nina Andryan and Anush Kiracosyan, from their side, had prepared with love an interesting presentation for everyone, with memories from the activities of AGBU Sofia “Hayler” during the last year and also presented the program for the children for the whole year.

The Honorary Chairwoman of AGBU Sofia "Parekordzagan" - Mrs. Sonia Avakian-Bedrossian, wished a lot of success, inquisitiveness and health to everyone and expressed special thanks to Mrs. Sonia Jeleva for the little gifts provided for the children by Allianz and also for the fact that Mrs. Sonia had provided with love three large school rooms in Allianz - A language school for children and adults, where from now on, with lightness and convenience the Sunday classes of "Hayler” will be conducted.

After the welcome to the opening, Mr. Arno Kuyumdjian cut the delicious cake, which was decorated very beautifully with the Armenian alphabet. The children impatiently expected to try the sweet temptation.

We would like to thank Gronika Kavafyan, Lusia Medzikyan and Tigran Torosyan: members of AGBU Sofia "Parekordzagan", which congratulated the children and helped with a lot of love for the good development of the Sunday school!

Good luck dear children!

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