August 20-30, 2017 - AGBU Summer Camp "Hayler" 2017
7:50, 20-08-2017

From August 20 to August 30, 2017 seventy kids aged 7 to 17 from Sofia, Plovdiv, Ruse and Haskovo gathered together for an exciting adventure with AGBU Sofia Summer Camp “Hay Ler” 2017.

The young HayLers came from all over Bulgaria to their basecamp for the next 10 days - Bor Hotel in Semkovo, Rila Mountain.

Special guests for the opening of the Camp were Archimandrite Isahak Poghosyan and Agi Kyuregyan. Hair Surp Isahak Poghosyan greeted and blessed all children and participants, and Agi Kyuregyan donated delicious Armenian sweets “Agi 1”, that pleased and charmed everybody present.

At this exciting meeting all kids were given T-Shirts with the logo of AGBU Hay Ler camp, 2017, and Arno Kuiumdjian , Chairperson of AGBU Parekordzagan-Sofia gave honorary diplomas for contribution to the causes of Armenian Identity to Mrs. Elizabet Kyuregyan, Agi Kyuregyan, Rafi Yuredjian, Verjinia Garabedian, Aharon Kochian, Arhimandrite Isahak Poghosyan and Ter Hrach Muradyan.

During the 10 camp days the kids had wonderful time, climbed many peaks in the mountain, visited exciting places and learned a lot about the nature, thanks to the Great Master of mountaineering – Aharon Kochian. Aharon taught them different survival technics, showed them different plants, and their medical and nutrition usage, taught them how to orientate themselves in the mountains and many other useful tips.  During the mountain tracks, there were well deserved picnic lunches and on reaching the summits the kids enjoyed wonderful views. They were happy with their achievements marching in the deep forests, discovering new interesting things and playing survival games. The youngsters were collecting blueberries growing all over their way and enjoying the delicious Armenian traditional sweets donated with love by “Agi 1”. And the most exciting experience for the HayLer-kids was the visit of the dancing bear re-adaptation park of “Brigitte Bardot” Foundation and “Four paws” Foundation

There was also a great excitement for the Hay Ler kids during the “Olympic Games”. They enjoyed the Football games, Volleyball, Swimming, Chess-mate, Tag of war, and Climbing on trees.

The kids also had the chance to learn traditional Armenian dances with their devoted teachers – Armine Manukian and Anush Kirakosian. They all had the pleasure to be trained by the professional choreographer from Athens – Armine Mkrtchyan and the AGBU-Sofia board member Gronika Kavafyan. After the dances Gronika gave a new challenge to the kids – to paint and describe their thoughts and visions their feelings and emotions on a big white canvas.

All Hay Ler kids thanked Parekordzagan AGBU-Sofia for the wonderful chance to be together all these days and greeted their mountain guide Aharon Kochian, their beloved leader Verjinia Garabedyan, their teachers Anush Kirakosian and Armine Manukian and their guests – Armine Mkrtchyan, Gronika Kavafyan and Lusia Medzikian, who helped in the organization of the summer camp.  They expressed their special thanks to the owner of “Agi 1”, Agop Kyuregyan and to the honorary Chairperson of AGBU-Sofiq, Mrs. Sonya Avakian-Bedrosian, who was their guest during the whole camp.

We also express our gratitude and special thanks to our wonderful friend and camp photographer Raffi Yuredjian, who was with us all of these 10 days and recorded our unforgettable memories with his photos.

The little Hailers thanked the sculptor Chudomir Dragnev, who this year made incredible gifts for our birthday selebratings.

Also, special thanks to the chairman of Parekordzagan AGBU-Sofia – Arno Kuiumdjian, who supported this wonderful experience in Rila Mountain.

This summer camp will leave unforgettable memories in Hay Ler-kids and all guests. We were happy that we had with us three great adventurers and mountaineers – Aharon Kochian, Raffi yuredjian and Arno Kuiumdjian, all of whom have climbed the sacrid for all Armenians Mount Ararat

A big Thank you to everybody!

To our next meeting dearest kids and friends!

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