November 25, 2017 – Exhibition “After Armenia” by Gronika Kavafyan
1:47, 25-11-2017

Among the ruins of the old Serdika at Arena di Serdica hotel from 4 pm we will have the chance to enjoy the inspirational paintings of Gronika Kavafian.

For the fourth time in a row, we will feel the soul, the power and the colorfulness of the colors that Gronika skillfully works for.

To follow the sounds of the Duduk - an ancient Armenian instrument. To be carried over imperceptibly to the magnetic world of Armenian architecture. To be immersed into the crystal-clear waters of Lake Sevan. To remain breathless in the rhythm of colorful Kochari.

Overfilling the senses with color, sounds and associations, Gronika raises the curtain to the mysterious world of the artist. She shares with us, her audience and connoisseurs, the experience of traveling to Armenia. Bright, passionate and sincere - her perception conquers and fascinates us!

The canvases bear the eternal quest for self-unravel. They come alive through her unadulterated style. Vibrant rhythm, vital, bright colors - this shares Gronika Kavafyan in the upcoming exhibition "After Armenia ..."!

The exhibition is supported by AGBU-Sofia, where Gronika Kavafyan serves as a Board Member.

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