February 9, 2018 - OPEN DOORS - "Day of Music”
11:49, 09-02-2018

A most enjoyable day with OPEN DOORS "Day of Music” event took place at the AGBU Sofia office. This interesting idea was initiated and organised by talented painter artist Gronika Kavafian, AGBU Sofia Board member. All visitors heard and enjoyed well known trumpet player Venzi Blagoev’s and his Jazz Band live music. The excellent musicians surprised the visitors with Armenian famous composer Arno Babajanian’s musical pieces interpretations and other. AGBU ladies. Armine, Anoush, Garine and Lilit played and sang old Armenian songs…Veselina Kurtyan sang with her magic voice a beautiful Bulgarian folklore song. All present enjoyed the home made Armenian specialities, cookies and appetizers prepared by the AGBU ladies. As the tradition is, at 4.00 PM the “Special Surprise Guest " arrived ! AGBU Sofia dear friend and famous Bulgarian Pop singer Yordanka Hristova was the Special guest of the Day! The office space was filled with positivity, joy and love. Yordanka congratulated AGBU Sofia for it’s long years perseverant and dedicated work in promoting the Armenian Culture in Bulgaria.All present enjoyed her beautiful performance of the famous Armenian song “Dzaghigner Dzaghigner “…she sang with love for all ! on behalf of the organization Gronika Kavafian gave to wonderful Yordanka a beautiful red roses flowers arrangement and a special pommegranate red wine bottle from ARMENIA ! All visitors enjoyed the OPEN DOOR event. Among visitors were, Prochko Prochkov, head of the Sofia Municipality Council, AGBU Sofia well known members, Hristo Angelichin and Bulgarian theater artist, Tigran Torossian, a group of ladies from the French Embassy, Nabi Massoumi, official guest from Iran and many other….Special thanks to Lusia Medzikyan for her dedicated help and work ...Till next, dear Friends!

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