February 24, 2018 – A day to remember
6:18, 24-02-2018

At 11:00 am, on a beautiful sunny winter day in Sofia, AGBU Sofia Sunday school "Hayler" teens, young actors and parents from Plovdiv’s ”Malvina Manukian” theater, gathered at the “Erevan garden” next to  the Armenian stone cross /Hatchkar/ to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of  the tragic events in Sumgait. The commemoration ceremony was attended by Michael Vardanyan, Plenipotentiary Minister of the Embassy of the Rep of Armenia in Rep of Bulgaria, First secretary Artak Kazaryan, embassy staff as well as members of AGBU-Sofia and friends. On behalf of the Embassy of the Rep of Armenia a beautiful wreath with the Armenian flag and red carnations was laid in front of the Hatchkar. Michael Vardanyan remembered the tragic events which occurred in Sumgait in 1987 and Ludmila Doydoyan, a student of HayLer Sunday school recited a beautiful Yeghiche Charentz poetry “Im anoush Hayasdani”. All present deposed flowers, lighted candles and prayed in memory of the innocent victims.

Following the ceremony, Parekordzagan/AGBU Sofia kindly invited all theater performers and guests from Plovdiv and the children of Hayler Sofia Sunday school at the organization’s office for a friendly lunch prepared by AGBU members with great attention and care.

Later in the afternoon, AGBU Sofia Sunday school Hayler children warmly welcomed their friends from Plovdiv at the Vlaykova theater Hall with a presentation of the “Feast of Bread”, a play dedicated to the traditions of bread in Armenia. Following the play, young actors from Plovdiv beautifully performed the play “Women’s Kingdom’’, based on the masterpiece of S.L. Kostov, script and directing by Evelina Nikolova,  a comedy that pleased and cheered the audience.

HayLer’s 2017 summer camp was a wonderful opportunity for our children to get together and form long lasting friendships. AGBU Sofia extended this invitation to our friends from Plovdiv to further these friendships among our youth.

Let us take example from our children as they remind us that when our differences are put aside, our true humanity is revealed and the possibilities become endless. Our children are our future and as we watched our young boys and girls come together with so much love and understanding during the Hayler summer camp we realized that our only duty is to teach them well and let them lead the way.

Thank you Plovdiv youth for coming...Now let us start preparing to meet again at HayLer 2018!!! Till next !

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