October 13, 2018 - Saturday Mountain hiking with AGBU Sofia "HayLer"
5:52, 13-10-2018

On October 13, 2018 at the initiative of the Chairperson of  AGBU Sofia "Parekordzagan" - Mr. Arno Kuiumdjian, the mountain guide from the camps of AGBU Sofia "HayLer" Aharon Kochian and the leader Verginiia Garabedian, we took the youngsters from Sofia, Plovdiv and Russe who had already become good  friends during our summer camp, on a mountain walk in the Lozen Mountains.

In a very good mood the first point of the track which we reached was the St. Spas Monastery of Lozen, one of the monasteries of the so-called Sofia Saint Forest. After a short break, we headed to the next and the main mission - Peak Polovrak.

Polovrak is a peak in Lozenska mountain, with an altitude of 1182 m, its name is given by the ancient Thracians and means Eagle’s look, Eagle's eye. From there, one can see Sofia, Stara Planina, Vitosha and Rila mountains, Iskar dam and Lozen village.

Satisfied and happy from the climbed peak it was time for lunch, we all gathered  together and ate delicious sandwiches with lavash. A happy occasion for all was  that we had a birthday buddy - our wonderful friend Sergio Avakyan, whom we welcomed with a deliciously prepared cake from lavash.

After all exciting autumn emotions, with new powers we went back to Sofia and Plovdiv with the promise for a next meeting again in the mountains in December.

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